At HTI we strive to provide the perfect balance between hockey and academics, in which student-athletes can be most successful. We concentrate on encouraging our 

players to be successful in the classroom, as well as on the ice. Since our goal is to provide the opportunity for our players to attend NCAA or CIS universities, we educate them on how important their academics are in their journey to  become independent individuals, who will not only play hockey, but also will have a different set of skills to build their careers in their future.

Since our hockey schedule is very busy and we have players that are attending our program from all over the world, at HTI we offer High School and Post Graduate education.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program: Virtual High School

Players are attending organized classes in classrooms at HTI Residence. Classes and study hours are organized by Maggie Jones (HTI – Academic Advisor)

At HTI we are confident that Virtual High School (VHS) is the best opportunity for our student athletes because it gives them the opportunity to schedule their studies accordingly with HTI’s 2015/2016 Winter Season.


1.      All VHS classes are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

2.      Individualized attention from your teacher

3.      Classes foster student initiative, self-motivation, self-advocation, event management and a host of other important learning skills for the twenty-first century continuously updated, cutting-edge content

4.      No textbooks, learning aids, or other supplements required, although students in English will have to pick up a copy of the novel they would like to study

5.      Pioneering and enthusiastic teachers trained to teach in an online environment

6.      Work at your own pace

7.      Choose your own course path

8.      Transparent classroom and gradebook

Virtual High School also has many advantages over correspondence and other distance education classes:

1.      Recognized by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, offering OSSD courses

2.      Courses hosted in the world's best student learning environment provided by the D2L Learning Management System (LMS) called Brightspace

3.      Collaboration tools facilitate communication - teacher to student and student to student

4.      Professional animations, visuals, auditory devices for enhanced virtual learning

5.      Email correspondence with teacher responded to within 24 hours

6.      All assignments and tests marked and returned to the student within 3-7 days

7.      Interactive exercises provide the student with an opportunity to evaluate your progress and aptitude

8.      Online Drop Box is used for submitting assignments immediately to the teacher

9.      Simplified registration process

10.  Individual storage space is provide online

11.  Individual email account

Please click on the link bellow to explore all of the details of VHS on line: