August Training Camp



•    Provide an elite training program for players from around the world

•    Introduce players to the HTI’s training techniques, facilities, and coaching staff

•    Present players with an opportunity to become a part the HTI Stars Hockey Academy

•    Introduce young athletes to proper training techniques and the lifestyle of a full-time hockey player




Week 1: Augsut 

                 Arrival Day: July 9

                Departure Day: July 15 (evening) or July 16


Week 2: July 17 - 22

                Arrival Day: July 16

                Departure Day: July 22 (evening) or July 23


Week 3 (Beantown Participants): July 24 - 30

               Arrival Day: July 23

               Departure Day: July 30 from Boston or July 31 from Toronto


*Attendance is available for one, two, or all three weeks

**Players staying for multiple weeks will have activities on travel/off days.



ELITE - players in the years of birth 2006-2003 (2007 can apply) who have experience playing at the AAA/AA/Tier 1 levels. These players are looking to compete alongside world-class peers with elite training to get to the peak of their game.


DEVELOPMENT - players in the years of birth 2006-2003 (2007 can apply) who have experience playing at the A/BB/Tier 2 levels. These players are looking to develop their skills and learn the fundamentals of strength and contidioning to advance to higher levels of hockey.

**Players can be moved between groups at the discretion of HTI Staff**




Players: $1100 CAD/week

Goalies: $1250 CAD/week (includes additional goalie-specific training)


Players: $950 CAD/week

Goalies: $1,100 CAD/week (includes additional goalie-specific training)



• 2 - 3 hours of on-ice training daily (includes scrimmages)

• 2 hours of off-ice training daily

• Additional on and off-ice sessions for goalies

• Room and board with three daily meals*

• Transportation to all group events

• Jerseys and socks

• Professional coaching staff with collegiate and professional experience

• NCAA and CIS promotion


*Day program option is also available for local players.





HTI will take two elite teams to compete in the Beantown Showcase on July 28 - 30, 2017 located in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). We will select one team for the U-14 and U-12 Divisions. This is a very competitive and one of the most highly-scouted tournaments in North America with over forty NCAA and CIS coaches annually in attendance.

**Players must be pre-selected by HTI Staff**


COST: $1,800 CAD


Pre-Tournament Camp at HTI

Tournament Registration Fee

Team bus, Hotel accommodations

Team Apparel: T-shirts, jerseys, socks

Four-game minimum

Sightseeing in downtown Boston




The training program at the camp is based on personal approach to every player and their needs. That is why it takes more than just a few days to really provide a good service to our clients. Encouraging players to work at their limit is an every-day requirement for our staff. It’s our coaches’ goal to earn the players trust, so they will believe in what they are being taught, as that is when they respond best to the new training techniques and improve the most. The player’s mental strength is often the first step on the way to becoming a complete athlete and is a big part of our player-development process.

Following are some of the aspects covered in our training program:

On-Ice: Power Skating, Agility, Edge Control, Puck Handling, Passing, Shooting, Puck Protection, Position Specific Training (Defense, Forwards, Goalies), Offensive and Defensive Positioning, Small Area Games, Full Ice Scrimmages.

Off-Ice: Endurance, Strength, Power, Agility, Introduction to Weight Lifting, Shooting Pucks, Team Games.




We evaluate every player’s skill level, physical condition and mental strength and based on that recommend a plan which they can follow to reach their athletic and academic goals. HTI Stars Girls U20 Tier I Winter Program is a stepping stone to the NCAA, CIS and IIHF for many players. Camp participants have the opportunity to join the Stars program when of age and at the level. 

Inviting NCAA and CIS coaches to attend the camp helps player promotion, as they get to see our clients go through intense training, as well as game situation. We worked hard over the years to establish strong relationships with college coaches and we will continue to promote the new wave of our players to the next level. 




Newly-renovated 20,000 square foot facility located on 9 acre property, just 45 minutes from Toronto.



• Spacious dorm rooms of 2-4 people

• TV lounges • Game room

• Cafeteria • Free laundry

• Wi-Fi on campus



• Personal Weight Room

• Outdoor Shooting Lanes

• Ball Hockey Rink

• Soccer Field

• Basketball Court

• Baseball Diamonds




New Tecumseth Recreation Centre 7300 Industrial Pkwy, Alliston, Ontario, L9R 1V4

• Two NHL size ice surfaces • Spacious locker rooms

• Transportation is provided to all training sessions (15 Minutes from HTI)